M.D. UNIVERSITY Learn from the best! Rolling with the times is an understatement. Mel has never been scared of creating a colorful masterpiece. She is the Picasso of hair color, promising her clients to enhance the known and unveil the ultimate versions of themselves. Her portfolio includes the enhancement of artist such as, but not limited to: Will Smith, Nisse Nash, and dozens of other TV/movie personalities. She has graced the cover of Hype Hair and has been the subject of several editorials for E-News and Passion. Never failing to keep her viewers attention.
COURSE DESCRIPTIONS: The Color Bar: Receiving improper color on the hair is a common problem, as some stylists do not know the proper techniques to evaluate the hair in order to apply the correct color formula. In this class, MelloDee will provide you with the knowledge to correct issues like “hot roots,” over-lightening and color bands. Often it is necessary to remove the existing artificial color and so Mel will also take you through the correct technique to remove color without damaging the hair. Razor & Cut Techniques: Hairstyling is an art form where the hairstylist has limitless creative options. In this class, MelloDee will take you through the three main categories of hairstyling: Thermal, Wet Set and Specialty. She will detail the techniques used and go through step-by-step instructions on how to create many of the basic hairstyles that every stylist must know how to do, in addition to providing tips and tricks of the trade from her 20+ years in the hair industry. Nu Expression Relaxing and Straightening: When using chemical relaxers on hair it is very important to be extremely accurate in the application process and to understand what the chemicals do so as to avoid damaging the hair. Mel will take you through the application steps of the various types of relaxers as well as thoroughly go over what the ingredients in the relaxers are designed to do and which treatment is best for which hair type.
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